Alby and The Merchant Bankers


Latest Alby episode, ‘Merchant Bankers‘, featuring a typically left-field take on the current banking crisis is out now at the Alby site here

For those of you who missed last week’s ‘My Mate Jack‘, you can catch up here

Alby Figgs in WWW and The Great Unwashed in existence!

This weeks Alby episode, WWW, available here reveals all and more on one Albert Figgs’ contribution to the global communications revolution . Now the truth can be told…

Also, here’s a link, pingback, what have you, to an article at Robot 6 and the Comic Book Resources site on the previously mentioned existence of our new graphic novel, The Great Unwashed, years in the making, a couple of hours in the reading, but oh, what hours, dear readers.

Alby Figgs in Moby


Alby Figgs lost for words?!? Shirley knot? You’ll be enlightened (or will you?) by checking out the latest episode here at the Alby site and if you missed yesterday’s delayed posting of last Friday’s episode, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Whatsit… you can catch up here @

Nuff said?

Alby Figgs in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Whatsit…

Here’s a link to last Friday’s Alby Figgs episode, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Whatsit that should’ve been posted up automatically while I was away on hols via the wonders of new technology and the WordPress auto publish button, had I not forgot to press publish! Doh!

Aw, well, you get two episodes in a week, with the next tomorrow.



Alby the Olympian


Yes, he’s at it again, waxing lyrical on all matters under the sun to the captivated (?) Joe public, but this time he’s in sporting mode and he’s found some fresh ears from overseas. Catch the latest Alby Figgs episode, Olympians, over at the Alby site now.

PS Alby Figgs in no way endorses or condones certain sporting events or is, in anyway, commercially entitled from said profits or will be taking corporate handouts in any shape or form. Unless asked to…

Alby Figgs and his old mucker, Frannie B

Richard Burton, Dylan Thomas, Audrey Hepburn and Francis Bacon, all hanging outside a fitzrovian pub with our Alby, right here @ Alby Figgs. No kidding!

Alby, Cliff, Hank and… the other blokes

This week’s Alby Figgs episode, Cliff and The Shads @ sees some fancy Brucie footwork from one Albert Figgs, friend to the bronzed stars of yesteryear (?), grand revealer of pop culture mythology and regular participant at J.G. Mullard’s Egg on Spoon Caff.


Alby Figgs in Gravy!

Just out today @ Alby Figgs in Gravy! Straight up. This time, everybody’s favourite street sage spills the, er, gravy on the innermost workings of one of our best loved (?!) celebrity chefs and his part in his success/ downfall. You be the judge…

Alby Figgs in Snowgoose

Snowgoose, part two in the ongoing saga of Alby Figgs @ is now up online, people. This time, Alby shatters the myth of a much loved national treasure.

Alby Figgs

New material shock from half of Pleece Brothers!! In the inevitable (?) build up to the long (very long) awaited Pleece Brothers book, The Great Unwashed (oh, yeah, that one again) from Escape Books and as a celebratory tie-in with its untimely arrival soon (ish), Waza Pleece publishes the first of his new weekly comic strip, Alby Figgs at this very day and henceforth, every Friday until he’s knackered out.

For those of you with an obsessive attention to detail, Alby Figgs was originally a main character in unpublished Pleece Brothers boxing/ poetry epic, Jessie London.

Also, watch this space very soon for further additional tie-ins to the aforementioned anthology in the shape of a weekly posting of archive Pleece gems that didn’t make the final book for some reason or other, including classics like ‘Comics are Really Grate’, ‘Hope I Die’ and maybe even ‘Several Colours Later’ in full hand-coloured gory.