Unwashed Pleece Brothers @ Cartoon County!

Yes, it’s official. Those vaguely remembered purveyors of mischievous tales of yore (from the 80s and 90s?!), The Pleece Brothers, break their enforced silence to partake in beverage and comicy insight into their artistic processes, their forthcoming graphic novels (see below) and other such mealy-mouthed side-swipery, as is their want.

And if that doesn’t make any sense, you should come and hear them talk! 7.30 pm upstairs at The Cricketers in Brighton this Monday the 26th.

The Great Unwashed

Coming soon from Escape Books, the new anthology from those bad boys of British comics, the self-monikered Kray brothers of pen, ink and cheap newsprint, Gary and Warren Pleece. Featuring stories from the pages of post-mythical comic mag, Velocity, Crisis, Revolver and Escape magazines.

Watch this space for latest news, twits and free plastic give-a-way toy for first person to correctly send in the secret ingredients of classic lard based delicacy, Pig Custard.

Hugh Fearnley, eat your hearts out!