Alby Figgs

New material shock from half of Pleece Brothers!! In the inevitable (?) build up to the long (very long) awaited Pleece Brothers book, The Great Unwashed (oh, yeah, that one again) from Escape Books and as a celebratory tie-in with its untimely arrival soon (ish), Waza Pleece publishes the first of his new weekly comic strip, Alby Figgs at this very day and henceforth, every Friday until he’s knackered out.

For those of you with an obsessive attention to detail, Alby Figgs was originally a main character in unpublished Pleece Brothers boxing/ poetry epic, Jessie London.

Also, watch this space very soon for further additional tie-ins to the aforementioned anthology in the shape of a weekly posting of archive Pleece gems that didn’t make the final book for some reason or other, including classics like ‘Comics are Really Grate’, ‘Hope I Die’ and maybe even ‘Several Colours Later’ in full hand-coloured gory.


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